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One of the strengths of NaturallySpeaking is that it listens to context as well as individual terms. The speech recognition algorithm determines the difference between "8", "ate", and "eight" according to the surrounding words. Because of the context function, it is best to speak a phrase at a time rather than pausing frequently between words, thus the phrase "continuous speech recognition."

Both products have received outstanding reviews, however, but my impression of some of these reviews is that they were based on very limited use. In this regard, DNS 6.0 wins hand down, mainly due to its very active, informed and helpful online user forum, something that IBM does not offer. Another important component for maximum accuracy is voice recognition training.

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  • You can customize your bulk SMS messages and include customer’s personal information such as name as well as One-Time-Pins .
  • 46elks – Receive & send SMS messages, allocate phone numbers, control incoming phone calls, build IVRs, connect calls and create automated outgoing phone calls.
  • Quiq – Quiq makes it easy for customers to interact with a company via Messaging.
  • You can get personalized SMS API that is ideal for your unique business system.
  • Transactional or OTP SMS – Digimiles SMS API can be used to integrate with ecommerce sites, CRM softwares, mobile apps, websites to send automatic OTP’s, alerts, notifications, reminders to registered mobile users.
  • Customers can now engage customer service via SMS/text messaging, Facebook Messenger, Live Chat, and Kik for help with their pre-sales questions and post-sales support.

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Ten minutes is enough to get you started, but like CPU speed and memory, the more the better. Dragon NaturallySpeaking 7.0 is up to 15% more accurate than the previous version, according to ScanSoft, allowing one to dictate continuously and naturally at up to 160 words per minute with accuracy up to 95%+. It is Fully integrated with Microsoft Word, Excel, Internet Explorer, and Corel Wordperfect, and can be used with virtually any Windows-based application. Use your voice to dictate, edit and control applications such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook Express, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and AOL. Get the freedom to use your voice for every application – not just the EHR.

Speak into your microphone to dictate and Windows speech recognition will do the rest. Set up will then ask you whether or not you would like to use manual or voice activation mode. In this mode you must use the speech recognition button to toggle speech recognition on and off. Accuracy is very good with training, but can vary depending on the other factors listed above. Don’t expect 100% accuracy; however % would be outstanding.

As for difficulty, DNS 6.0 has an intuitive voice command interface that couldn’t be easier to use. Not too long ago, I installed the latest version of IBM’sViaVoice for comparison, and found it to be very close VDownloader to DNS 6.0 in accuracy.

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